Dragonblood: About the Project

Hello, and welcome to my introduction to this project. (Warning: Wall of Flesh Text incoming.)

Let’s talk about the project in Q/A form:

Q: What is Dragonblood ?

A: It’s a game, made using RPG Maker VX Ace, that’s based on a differently-named story I would have written if not for… special circumstances.

Q: What circumstances ?

A: Let’s just say I was rather good at losing things when I wrote the first drafts…

Q: What about now ?

A: Now, I’ve learned the lesson, and I always make a few backups.

Q: Was there a lot of differences between the original drafts and the current project ?

A: Quite a few, yes. For starters, the whole world was changed. Goodbye, current-Earth-but-with-fantasy-elements. Hello, fantasy-world-with-some-modern-techs named Athritamun (EDIT: Athritar).

Next, the main character of the story was some sort of mega-badass that would obliterate all his enemies. He was not interesting, so I replaced him with a less badass character named William Corec (pictured right).William Corec, readers. Readers, William Corec.

To me, William Corec is much closer to a normal guy. He has likes, dislikes, even a close friend. How he acts, however, is up to the player.

Last fact: the original story had tons of references and crossovers with light novels, anime, and video games. (Examples included Campione!, High School D×D and BlazBlue.)

Q: Why was the world named Athritar ?

A: Well, do a quick search on this page… (Protip: there are actually two things to search.)

Q: By the way, why the RPG Maker format ?

A: Simple, let me show you the options I’ve considered:

  • Written story: it was to become the result of the first drafts. It did not allow interaction beyond reading.
  • Video: rejected immediatly. For live-action videos, you need professional equipment and good actors. For animated videos (3D, western animation, or anime), this would require the services of someone who knows how to draw/3D-model something, which is out of my grasp. Again, the viewer cannot interact with the story.
  • Audio saga: Well, only skill in audio editing and good VAs/mics are required. No interactions possible.
  • Visual novel: the first format on the list to allow interactions. I was about to follow this path, but I realised something: you need assets. Quite a lot, in fact. Look at a visual novel like Katawa Shoujo (Warning: this VN contains adult material.) and you’ll know what I mean. This format, while it allows interaction, the visited places usually depend on the script.
  • Last but not least:
  • RPG Maker: I have RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam, and with a bunch of DLCs (thanks, Humble Bundle) on top of the default RTP. Dragonblood, as I didn’t say, is an interactive story (like a VN) with RPG elements (like an RPG), and with an open, non-linear world. RPG Maker also has a good and active community (look at RPG Maker’s official western forums or the RPG Maker VX Ace community).

Q: What RPG elements do you plan on including ?

A: Besides battles and experience points ? Side-quests (though no escort or timed missions) with conversation options, and a morality system similar to Mass Effect’s (go play the full trilogy, so you know what I’m talking about). This morality system will not only have an influence on the game as a whole, but also the path in the final part of the game.

Q: About the endings, will that be in a good/bad ending way ?

A: I’ll let you find out what could “good/bad” means, but if I make a sequel, know that the chosen ending will carry over (and thus averting the trope No Canon For The Wicked).

Q: Do you have some kind of ETA ?

A: No. I’m alone on the project, and, at the time of this writing, I’m currently busy with an internship that will end the 26th of June. But rest assured that no matter what, I. Will. Finish. This.

Well, it’s the end of the post. If you have more constructive questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


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