Dragonblood Devlog #1: Meet the Cast

Hello, readers.

Let’s meet Dragonblood’s party characters, shall we ?

William Corec:

Appearence (screenshots from RPG Maker VX Ace):

William Corec Sprite and faceset
Sprite: William JCM
Faceset: Quackadoos

Age: 21.

Birthday: 23rd of Opal

Class: Knight

Weapon: Flame Sword

Magic abilities: Fire spells, basic healing.

Likes: Programming, video games, adventure, spilling the blood of the enemies, beer.

Dislikes: computer bugs, wine.

Backstory: William Corec was born from unknown parents, and was found in a cave by a high ranking member of the greatest school of Athritar, the Academy.

There, he learned the history and languages of the world, science, magic, as well as basic military training. He became Jack Ardan’s best friend after he ended an fist fight between the latter and another student.

After graduating, William forged his Flame Sword using instructions that were buried in his memory.

He formed a small band of adventurers that would explore Athritar and search for forgotten treasure, though two weeks later, he ended up with an arrow in his left eye and all of his companions dead.

William later bought a house in the quiet village of Hölzel and started to become a skilled programmer and a top player in Athritar’s MMO equivalent of our world’s Dwarf Fortress.

Jack Ardan:


Jack Ardan sprite & faceset
Sprite, faceset: Frontier Works

Age: 22.

Birthday: 25th of Granite

Class: Archer

Weapon: Bow and arrows

Magic abilities: Buffs for himself.

Likes: Adventure, justice, sniping enemies, beer.

Dislikes: Close combat, missing enemies.

Backstory: Born from the highly influencial Ardan family, Jack was a boy that wanted to rid the world of injustice.

When he joined the Academy, he neglected subjects such as history and linguistics to focus on diplomacy and bow training, which earned him the nickname of “Diplosniper”.

He ended up in a fist fight (that he did not start) against one of his classmates before the latter got violently stopped by William Corec’s fist to his face. Jack and William became friends after the incident.

After graduating, Jack and William lost sight of each other for 4.2 years (or 4 years, 2 months and 11 days). Jack became an adventurer and vigilante, though the former was more profitable.

Jack’s last adventure before the story took him to the legendary “Immortal Castle” of Kusnathogom.

K.o.G. (real name: [REDACTED])

K.o.G. sprite & faceset
Sprite, faceset: RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Birthday: [REDACTED]
Class: Light Warrior
Weapon: Spear and shield
Magic abilities: Mostly light related spells
Likes: Justice, Light, good people, women
Dislikes: Injustice, evil people
Backstory: Not much is known about K.o.G., besides the fact that he is a Light Warrior.

He also has a reputation as a ruthless vigilante.

That’s all that I can say about the characters without spoiling you.

Also keep in mind that those characters are the only party members, though I might add a fourth one.

Stay tuned for more news !



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