Dragonblood Devlog #2 – Which scripts are used ? And why ?

Today, I will talk about the scripts I’m using in the project.

Note: I mostly link to screenshots by the scripts’ authors

1) Command Manager and Menu Command Manager by Tsukihime / HimeWorks

This script combination allows me to change the commands in the pause menu. I used it to remove the default “Formation” menu, and added the “Load” option that normally is only on the title screen menu.


2) Tile Swap by Tsukihime / HimeWorks

This script will allow me to change tiles, such as in a cutscene late in the game.

I won’t give you a screenshot, but you can find an example on the script’s page.

3) Troop Emerge Name by Tsukihime / HimeWorks

In case you don’t know, RPG Maker VX Ace displays “*insert troop name* emerged”, and this script allows using something else instead of the troop name.

Again, no example here, but Hime’s page has a good one.

4) Choice Options by Tsukihime / HimeWorks

Dragonblood has a morality system that was partly inspired by Mass Effect’s Paragon/Renegade system. Some dialogue choices will be colored, as a visual indicator of which choice will get you on the “good” ending or “bad” ending.



By the way, they are blue and orange, like in ME.

5) Region Names by Tsukihime / HimeWorks

I’m using this script for the world map’s regions. For example the “desert” region will have its name shown on the screen when you enter it.

No screenshot, but you can find one on the linked page.

6) Permanent States by Tsukihime / HimeWorks

If you remember the earlier devlog, I mentioned William Corec’s Flame Sword. This weapon is constantly ablaze when drawn. Since there was a “Fire Weapon” state included in the default Database, I used this script to make sure William has the effect of the state at all times.

Screenshot: N/A

7) Minimum Damage by Dekita

In most RPGs, if an attack should deal less than 1 damage, it is rounded up to 1. Not in RPG Maker, so this script fixes that. Evaded/missed attacks will still deal no damage.

Screenshot: N/A.

8) Basic Enemy HP Bars by Vlue

Just a little script that shows the Percentage HP of the enemies in battle, except for bosses, where “???” will be shown.


HP Bars

9) Level-Up Healing by Wavelength

I use it because a lot of RPGs give back some (or all) health/magic when leveling up. Here it will heal the same amount of HP/MP as the amount of max HP/MP earned.

Screenshot: N/A

10) Game Custom Data by AdiktuzMiko / Lanthanum Entertainment

I included this script in the event Dragonblood 2 comes to life. It allows saving data in a different file that any save or game could access.

Screenshot: N/A

Note: I am currently unable to use this script due to a bug that I reported to AdiktuzMiko.

11) Event Pop Up by Galv

This script adds a little popup every time items or gold are gained/lost in events.

Screenshot: see link above.

12) Encounter Pointer by Galv

This script will help the player in anticipating the next random encounter. It’s auto-disabled in “safe” areas (mostly inside towns, but boss rooms as well).

Screenshot: see link above.

13) Ace Message System by Yanfly

Yanfly’s Ace Message System script allowed me to enhance the message boxes through the adding of better text formatting, name windows, and much more.

Screenshot: visit the link above. Yanfly demonstrates everything that can be done using this script.

14) YanPac Battle HUD by Yanfly and Pacman

This script is a standalone port of Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine’s HUD. It allows, among other things, to hide specific gauges for specific characters, something RPG Maker didn’t allow.

Screenshot (courtesy of Pacman): http://i.imgur.com/GAmnw.jpg


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